Who is dailyRx?

Patient Education Solution

dailyRx News is the leading publisher of health news for both consumers and patients. Our trusted news enables healthcare providers to ‘prescribe’ information to patients from any digital device. Most important, dailyRx News synchronizes our patient education offerings across social media channels, websites, and mobile apps.

Health News Your Patients Understand

With over 50 million people reading health news each month, dailyRx News publishes research-based information that patients can easily understand.

  • The #1 publisher of Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant health news
  • Timely medication information edited by pharmacists
  • Reviewed for accuracy by medical professionals
  • Targeted to the 8th grade reading level
  • Local healthcare experts inserting actionable insights

Total Patient Engagement™

From hospitals to clinics and private practices, the dailyRx Total Patient Engagement™ solutions strengthen patient relationships and keep a consistent digital conversation going throughout the course of care.

The dailyRx Total Patient Engagement™ solution enables doctors to synchronize digital patient education before and after appointments, empowering patients better understand their doctor's instructions.

The TPE solution is unique because it integrates content publishing, brand management, and digital syndication into a customized patient experience.

This cloud-based platform synchronizes websites, social media channels, and mobile apps into a consistent patient education solution, enhancing patient satisfaction.