New App Connects Kids with Private Coaches

CoachUp app helps parents find private coaches for their young athletes

A new app may help parents in their search for the right private coach for their young athletes.

CoachUp aims to provide safe and experienced coaches for kids looking to take their game to the next level. The app connects athletes with private coaches in their areas, providing ratings and prices on coaches in various sports.

According to CoachUp's website, the app provides the largest network of private coaches in the US, along with safe and monitored messaging between the two parties. Each coach in the network undergoes background screening.

The app also boasts a calender that alerts users of practices, feedback from coaches and training-related articles.

In addition to advice on upping your game, CoachUp coaches might provide tips on injury prevention, nutrition, head injuries, hydration and stress management, among other topics. And they may offer something CoachUp Founder Jordan L. Fliegel claimed changed his life when he was a kid: mentorship.

"Mentors are extremely influential in teaching valuable life lessons, not just about sports," Fliegel told Forbes. "It makes kids more focused and better students."

The app provides coaches for around 30 sports, including basketball, track and field, volleyball, tennis and boxing. Over 13,000 coaches use CoachUp to manage their private coaching business, and over 100,000 athletes have used the app, Forbes reports.