Former President Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Jimmy Carter announced that he had cancer doctors found after recent liver surgery

A former US president announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

Former US President Jimmy Carter announced on the Carter Center website Wednesday that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and that cancer had spread to other parts of his body. Doctors discovered the cancer after a recent liver surgery the 90-year-old had undergone.

"I will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so I can undergo treatment by physicians at Emory Healthcare," Carter wrote. "A more complete public statement will be made when facts are known, possibly next week."

The Aug. 3 liver surgery was meant to remove a "small mass" in Carter's liver, reports The New York Times. At the time, doctors said Carter was likely to make a full recovery, reports CNBC.

At the time of publication, what type of cancer Carter had was not confirmed.

Cancer is a disease marked by the uncontrolled division of cells that are considered abnormal. According to National Cancer Institute estimates, cancer will take the lives of nearly 600,000 Americans this year.