The World's Best MMA Fighter! Cocaine User?

Jon Jones battles claims of illegal drug use

The youngest UFC champion ever, considered the best pound-for-pound fighter, may now be facing his toughest opponent yet: illegal drug use.

On Jan. 3, Jon Jones defended his world title by beating Daniel Cormier in the UFC 182 bout. After winning by unanimous decision, Jones walked away with the Light Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist.

Jones, 27, tested positive for a metabolite found in cocaine after a random drug test in early December of 2014, reports ESPN. And many are wondering whether this is going to be a problem for his career.

At that time, Jones came out publicly about the drug incident and said he was ashamed of what he had done.

" I really got caught with my pants down in this whole situation, and there’s no excuse for it," Jones said in an interview with ESPN.

Still, Jones maintained that he did not have a drug problem and only used cocaine occasionally — mostly in college.

Recent research suggests that about 1 out of 10 teens used illegal drugs. And many health professionals aren’t sure what the solution to this public health problem is.

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently concluded that there was not enough evidence to determine what primary care professionals can do to prevent or reduce drug use in children and teens younger than 18. The Task Force recommended that doctors use their own clinical experience and judgment when talking to kids about drug use.

The UFC has decided to fine Jones $25,000 for violating its code of conduct. But, as of publication time, the UFC will not be stripping Jones of his recent title.

Jones told ESPN that he has entered a drug rehab program.