del Potro Hopes Third Time Is the Charm

Juan Martin del Potro pulls out of 2015 Australian Open

Juan Martin del Potro, 2009 US Open champion, withdrew from the Australian Open just a few days ago.

His left wrist was not cooperating, and, on advice from his doctors, he traveled to the Mayo Clinic this week to have Dr. Richard A. Berger perform surgery.

del Potro, who was not seen on the courts for most of 2014, was hoping to jump-start his career in Melbourne.

del Potro had surgery to “resolve the problem of the pain caused when he hit his two-handed backhand,” said the Argentine’s press spokesman, Jorge Viale.

Tuesday’s corrective surgery was the third operation Dr. Berger carried out on del Potro’s wrists. The first surgery was on his right wrist, taking place after his 2009 US Open victory and then in February 2014 he underwent surgery on his left wrist.

His manager said he would begin training again in a few weeks — but no mention of when viewers might see him on the courts again.

del Potro has a support team to help him navigate through the surgery process and rehab, but you will probably have many questions if you are facing orthopedic surgery.

Orthopedic surgery deals with musculoskeletal conditions. As in any surgery you are about to undergo, preparation is key to a successful outcome. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor any and all questions you may have.