Kevin Durant's Pesky Foot

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant undergoes second surgery on right foot


Kevin Durant will have to watch from the bench for at least another week after having surgery on his right foot — the same one he had surgery on a few months ago.

In October, Durant had surgery to repair a fracture in his right foot. Sam Presti, Oklahoma City Thunder general manager, told ESPN that a screw inserted during Durant’s previous surgery was rubbing against a bone, causing soreness and discomfort.

“There’s no new injury that’s been created,” Presti told ESPN. “It’s just a matter of discomfort.”

The most recent surgery gave Durant another screw in his foot, which officials hope will relieve the pain and help Durant’s initial fracture heal completely.

“The good news is that the fracture itself is healing excellently and from what the doctors conveyed to us we continue to feel very good about the prognosis moving forward,” Presti said. “But in the short term, as he’s continued to have this discomfort we wanted to determine the best way to alleviate it while still promoting the healing of the initial injury.”

Officials said they will re-evaluate Durant in a week. They expect that he will be able to return to regular season play.