Rajon Rondo Takes Blow to the Head

Orbital and nasal fractures sideline Mavericks point guard Rajon Rondo


Dallas Mavericks point guard Rajon Rondo was the victim of friendly fire last Saturday.

Rondo’s teammate Richard Jefferson smashed into Rondo's face with his knee early in the team’s 100-94 victory against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Tests have confirmed that Rondo has an orbital fracture on his left eye and a nasal fracture.

At the moment, no timetable has been set for his return to play, officials said, according to the Dallas Morning News. Rondo will be evaluated throughout the week.

An orbital fracture is damage to the bones around the eye, usually the result of a blow to the area. A nasal fracture occurs when one of the two bones at the bridge of the nose is broken.

Recovery times for both injuries can vary, often depending on the severity of the injury and whether the patient needs surgery.

With or without Rondo, the Mavericks will have to play on as they vie for a position in the competitive Western Conference.