The Super Bowl of Beers

Will your Super Bowl beer be a Seattle favorite or a Boston brew?

As much fun as it is, the Super Bowl presents fans with a lot of choices. Will you be tailgating? Going to a house party or cheering for your team at the local sports bar?

But perhaps one of the more important questions to some is this: what beer will I drink during the game?

In the spirit of the upcoming game, let’s play some Seattle suds against some Boston brews.

Seattle Suds

First up, Seattle. The Emerald City is home to enough beers that any fan should be able to find a brew to his or her tastes.

1) Imperial Rye IPA

A dry taste with a hoppy finish for those who want to enjoy a tasty beer all night.

2) Kentucky Dark Star Oatmeal Stout

A smooth stout that tastes great on the way down. Watch out, though, this stout has a little more kick than others.

3) American Blonde Ale

American Blonde sports the lighter side of these three Seattle favorites. Best suited for those who want to enjoy the food or just have a refreshing light beer.

Boston Brews

Next is Boston, a city rich with great beers and football fans who enjoy them.

1) Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale

Light and refreshing, Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale doesn’t skimp on the hoppy, pale-ale punch.

2) Bunker Hill Blueberry

Don't freak out when you notice there is something floating in the beer. It’s just blueberries!

3) Sam Adams Cold Snap

You can’t talk about Beantown beers without mentioning the famous Samuel Adams brewery in Boston. Cold Snap is a seasonal beer, so it doesn’t stay around long. But the lucky few who get to try it are met with a fine spiced white ale perfect to sip during the game.

The Day After

Whether you stick to the beers local to your Super Bowl pick or betray your team for the love of the other side’s beer, you run the risk of a hangover if you indulge too much.