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Asthma, Allergies and the Amish

The Amish are members of a religious sect that live differently from most Americans. Something in their distinctive lifestyle may be helping to make ...

How Birth Order Affects Asthma

Is it better to be the first-born or the younger child? The answer--at least when it comes to certain diseases--is something Swedish researchers may ...

The Origin of the Allergy

Allergies are extremely common and the sources of allergies are numerous. Conventional thinking on their cause, however, may be off base.

Allergy Season in Full Bloom

When spring is in full swing, allergy season isn't far behind. But what can patients do to help keep themselves allergy-free this season?

Got Eczema? How About Health Care?

Eczema is a frustrating problem — it itches, and you don’t look your best in sleeveless tops. And you may have trouble getting access to health c...