New Laser Procedure Claims to Change Eye Color

Procedure may change eyes from brown to blue, but some have raised concerns that it could lead to glaucoma

Changing your hair color is simple enough, but have you ever considered changing your eye color?

Some people had, and that demand prompted doctors to develop a laser procedure that can change brown eyes to blue.

Only 17 percent of people have blue eyes because blue eyes are a recessive trait, reports CNN.

The procedure removes pigment on the first layer of the iris. By removing the brown pigment, the remaining iris is colorless, but light scatters across the eye in a way that gives off a blue hue.

The procedure was created by Stroma Medical, and a handful of patients in Mexico and Costa Rica have undergone the procedure, CNN reports. However, the procedure isn’t open to the public yet.

Some physicians have expressed concern that the procedure may cause a type of glaucoma.

"The main concern with any procedure that involves releasing pigment inside the eye is that the pigment can clog up the normal drainage channels which can in turn cause the pressure inside the eye to go up," Saj Khan, an ophthalmologist at the London Eye Hospital, told CNN. "If that happens significantly enough, for long enough, it's how patients develop glaucoma."

Stroma said no instances of pigmentary glaucoma have been reported yet.